Videosurveillance system in your Italian Retail Store

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Would you like to install a video surveillance system in your Italian Retail Store? Here’s all you need to know.

The Article 4 of Law 300/70 (Labour Code) bans the use of audiovisual equipments and other devices in order to control the employees activity by remote control except for justified cases based on organizational, manufacturing or security requirements.

In these cases a video surveillance system can be installed prior authorization by the Ispettorato Nazionale del Lavoro (INL) and an agreement with employees.


The authorization can be released by the INL only after the dispatch of the following documents:

  • An Accompanying letter;
  • The Motion;
  • A Technical Report filled in with:
    • number and placement of cameras;
    • purpose and mode of operation of the video surveillance system;
    • who will be authorized to access the videotapes;
    • the time limit of the videotapes;
    • the plan of the supervised area.

The placement of an information plaque in the supervised areas is mandatory.

A wrong procedure can involve inspections and fines according to regulations.


Dynamic Studio has been dealing with such issues for years and is daily committed to helping companies to:

  • design video surveillance systems tailored to their needs;
  • install video surveillance systems using a team of reliable technicians used to all sort of installation and maintainance services.;
  • execute all the necessary procedures aimed at ensuring full compliance with the Italian law.

Entrusting the management of all procedure to an expert provider reduces concerns and risks to the benefit of any business in terms of safety, innovation and performance and that’s why our corporate clients run peacefully their business.

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