Say it with Music! Say it with an InStore Radio.

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Say it with Music! Say it with an InStore Radio.

Nowadays it is more and more common listening to music while seated in a hall, in a waiting room or while buying something, and at the same time when working  it’s a really good idea to put  some music on to relax your clientele or encourage their buys.

That’s the power of music and companies know it. Today, in fact,  the number of businesses equipped with in-store radio systems is largely increasing.

An in-store radio is a closed circuit radio used by businesses instead FM radio allowing them to:

  • play music that suits marketing targets;
  • avoid advertising spots from competitors;
  • create the perfect atmosphere to cheer up customers during their stay;
  • broadcast customer-dedicated commercials related to special offers and discounts;
  • give announcements about exceptional openings and special initiatives;
  • make the company identity and vision more and more recognisable;
  • strenghten employees’ sense of belonging and teamwork;
  • increase sales;

All these aspects make in-store radio a powerful instrument for a wide range of businesses such as:

  • companies;
  • offices;
  • retailers;
  • agencies;
  • studios and ateliers;
  • game rooms;

This is so because in-store radio are entirely customizable from playlists to jingles and spots which are expressly designed according to brand values, customer tastes and preferences, time slots and kind of activity.

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An article of Isabella Busà  for Dynamic Studio, posted on March 2018.


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