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A translation of Isabella Busà

In today’s frenzied market we have to tackle unexpected red-tape variations that make us dealing with many specific operations and a lot of paperwork, with logical outcomes.

You forget  about “that little step” and  your closed-down store has not been struck off the Companies Register, the relocated one has  remained  at the old location,  the new one has been just incorporated but its necessary permits are still missing and so from excitement to corrections, to inspections and, at worst, to fines it’s just a short step.


Promoting concomitant and periodic check-up programs in order to ascertain whether or not the requirements for approval continue to be fulfilled with the competent authorities.


At any time during the year, although it’s better during summer or after sales.

Even in the most virtuous and meticulous companies there is always room for improvement:

  • Ascertain to be up-to-date and eliminate the risk of non-deductible costs, such as sanctions
  • Delete your contributory role in case of closure to avoid incurring unnecessary costs

Dynamic Studio fosters recurrent business-to-business check-up plans.

Our consultants will check all your past and current records in the data archives with the competent authorities.

Have you experienced a significative growth of your stores during last months? Have you closed down some local unproductive stores to better the profitability of your company?  Have you realized some real estate operations on your local units? Verify that all your papers are in order and protect yourself from useless sanctions.

Contact our Staff for a no obligation advice, we will assess together your situation.

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