Harley-Davidson® doesn’t need a presentation because this brand represents an icon for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Leganon Dealer request was to completely restyle the website, both graphic design and the organization and presentation of content.

The main limit was to respect the guidelines imposed by the headquarter and to pay attention also to the graphic design of the website. The design should represent the traits of the famous dealership and meanwhile the general styling known by the users. Functionally, they required the presentation of the models range, the integration of newsletter, specific sections for the Store and Workshop and also the possibility to give the customers a better interaction with the technical part concerning the maintenance of the vehicle.

Our choice was consistent to the guidelines but with several functional features. We looked at some Harley-Davidson website to get the inspiration for the aesthetical design and we proposed a style less ‘dark’.
Obviously, the website is 100% Responsive and retine-ready, definitely oriented to the vision of high quality images.




Afterward, we started with some photo shooting sessions, both in the store – paying attention to models and the details of chrome-and outside – emphasising the contrasts and the saturation of the pictures to highlight the motorcycle characteristics. The photo gallery is the result of the highest expression of the Harley Davidson®’s world.
The layout we used is in line with Harley Davidson®’s style: the recreated Dealer logo with a full range of colour from  white, black to orange, and surfing oriented to the service.
The real website features is the request form for the technical inspection integrated both in the homepage and in the workshop section, completely manageable in a dynamic way, without the use of windows.
The newsletter and the interaction with the Dealer’s social networks complete the restyling work by the fusion between the dealership and the updated website.

Our Solution

Harley-Davidson Legnano


Harley-Davidson® Legnano


Web Design CMS
Photo Styling


July – November 2016