nStore Radio, but not only, also themed schedules and promotional spots dedicated to the Mandarina Duck Stores present on the national territory.

The customer experience for Mandarina Duck is a value that passes through total customer involvement: the well-kept design of the premises, the color choices of the furnishings and products on display, the music. A unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

The start of the installation of InStore Radio systems starts precisely from the need to always improve the permanence of its customers in the Stores.

With this aim, following a demonstration POC on a Store in Milan, the company has entrusted Dynamic Studio S.r.l. installation and maintenance of InStore Radio systems for their stores.

Installation, maintenance and also remote, constant and immediate technical support to offer its customers always current PlayList, engaging and aligned with the season or the reference period, such as the Christmas one, in which Mandarina Duck has cheered its customers with pleasant schedules theme.



The Dynamic Studio S.r.l. team provided pre-sales support aimed at identifying the most suitable InStore Radio solution for each structure in the area, using – where possible – the existing hardware and instruments.

The choice was oriented on an InStore Radio system based on an IP player capable of offering constant monitoring of the functioning of the system and the possibility of being able to update playlists and promotional spots in real time on all points of sale. The objective pursued has been and still is that of offering the customer a unique and personalized experience in the Mandarina Duck points of sale: immersion, connection and dynamism.

Technical support

The Dynamic Studio srl technicians followed the supply and installation of the InStore Radio players at the stores of the retail chain and offer a daily system maintenance and update service so that the customer experience in the Mandarina Duck stores is always at the highest levels.

The rapid and not at all invasive installation intervention on the normal operation of the Store guarantees immediately the reachability of the Stores which can immediately enjoy the new schedules and the relative updates.

PlayList updates or system upgrades are always scheduled during Store closing times so as not to overload the available bandwidth.

Hardware & Services

The supplied hardware is connected to the network and allows precise monitoring of the state of the systems and an update of the tracks and spots.

The Player supplied integrates perfectly with the existing hardware at the Stores, safeguarding the previously acquired instrumentation but still guaranteeing an innovative and totally remote solution.

The customer chooses their musical genres according to their needs, their events and the holidays of the period and in real time finds them available at their stores.

The Player houses an SD Card inside with the most recent PlayList so as to guarantee system operation even in the event of a failure of the ADSL line or temporary unreachability of the Store.


Mandarina Duck is the Italian fashion company specialized in leather goods and travel items famous for the icon of your brand: the Mandarina duck, colorful and seductive, the tireless traveler and faithful partner for life.

Mandarina Duck is an innovative brand that offers creative and original solutions with a contemporary and informal style to a demanding, curious, positive and always on the move consumer.

It is able to offer an extraordinary level of functionality thanks to an unparalleled combination of solutions and intelligent design, unconventional materials, original use of colors and strong attention to detail. The emotions that take shape in the product do not result in a pure aesthetic aspect, but express an interest in functional, intelligent and original solutions.

In Italy Mandarina Duck is present with its direct stores, that corner stores and with affiliated and multi-brand stores.


Supply, installation and maintenance of In Store Radio Systems for the diffusion of dedicated music schedules.


Since 2017